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Rediscover your programming skills

Our React.js Frontend Developer course takes 8 to 12 months to complete. During this time, you will learn the secrets of programming with students just like you. You will also learn how to build functional websites and programs in these classes. And this knowledge will become the most important factor in the job search process.


In the React.js Frontend Developer course, you will master:

Knowledge and skills
You will learn popular programming languages and put them into practice

Modern programming languages
JavaScript, OOP, MUI, React Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, SPA, API, TypeScript, Redux, RTK Query, Redux debugger, Next.js, ORM, Docker, Docker-compose,

Knowledge of algorithms and ability to analyze the process of programs

Web interfaces and applications, managing collections and databases, testing and scaling applications.

Organizing site or application security system

Skills presentation
Possess with Soft skills and be ready for a conversation in English, as well as the ability to present yourself and your product.


Learn to program through practice

Our IT Academy is designed to teach programming step-by-step with a hands-on training program that will teach you 100%.

Develop your programming skills every week

Each week during our Full stack Developer training course, you can learn new skills in a variety of programming languages, websites, mobile apps, and programs.

Course outline for 8-12 months

Our educational course consists of exciting sessions lasting from 8 to 12 months. You can come to Astrum at any time and study as long as you want, as it allows you to better understand and learn programming languages.


Learn programming from the experts

Our professional programming teachers will teach you the good practices and skills of writing good code in modern programming languages. All teachers have extensive experience and strong knowledge.


Azizova Aziza

React.js Frontend Developer

Working tools for programmers

From Zero to Pro

Our training courses are based on the latest programming tools, and unlike the way courses have been taught for the past decades, we believe that the latest technology and a strong training system are important for programmers to build their careers and gain in-depth knowledge.


Modern classrooms

Modern and amazing classrooms that are comfortable for learning

We believe that an individual approach to each student is important when teaching programming, so each student can ask questions of mentors and get help. And classes of exactly 20 people will help the student understand better and participate in discussions and exchange ideas without shying away from others

Course Schedule

Speed of recruitment process

Our training courses fill seats very quickly, so we announce our recruitment in advance.


Any questions about Full Stack Developer course?

Likely you may have had a couple of questions. We ask those who follow us to ask questions directly, and you can also contact us on the hotline at any time

    • Astrum IT Academy is equipped with an educational system that works with high-tech artificial intelligence algorithms. You can come to Astrum anytime you want to work on yourself and leave whenever you want.
    • The training system at Astrum IT Academy is arranged in such a way that you don't need any initial knowledge to take one of the courses. Through our academy's Pre-season courses, you'll get the basics, and by passing the exam, you'll move on to the Main Season courses.
    • Because we have modern training system based on Artificial Intelligence and at the end of the course you will receive international certificate QWASAR, which will allow you to work in the Silicon Valley of America. We also have modern classrooms, Mac Valley, 24/7 campus athletic fields, internal Astrocoin currency, and day and night security system.

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